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Do All Dogs (Really) Go To Heaven?

TheDiscipleMD Their names were Bullet, Ringo, Spy, Steffi, Gretzsky, and Diego. The name of our present family dog is Apollo. I know their names because I have considered them members of my family. As a boy the family dog provided comfort and companionship no matter the circumstance. Their love seemed to be unconditional. No matter how bad my […]

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Nibbling At The Abundant Life!

TheDiscipleMD In my mind, the now deceased Joseph B. Wirthlin certainly wasn’t  a great orator. However, while I didn’t think much of his presentation, the talks her gave were gems and I always looked forward to reading them. Such is the case with a talk he gave in 2006. His talk titled “The Abundant Life” gave wonderful counsel […]


When We Are Gods Unto Ourselves!

TheDiscipleMD The doctrines of man have many times been at odds with the doctrines of God. Consider the principal of humility. It is “in vogue” to celebrate one’s accomplishments and boast of one’s own strength. This is at odds with what the Lord would have us be. Although He would have us have a good […]

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Because The Son Rose!

TheDiscipleMD She was holding his hand by his bedside when the rays of warmth from the sun hit the bed and she could see him smile, as he whispered his last words of, “It feels good.” She saw his chest expand then slowly exhale till the last of his breath was out of his body. […]