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The Raging Bonfire of Eternal Love!

TheDiscipleMD On the big and little screen ‘young love’ is portrayed with such vigor and excitement. Fireworks are going off literally and figuratively as the young couple shares their passion on screen with such velocity that is designed to take your breath away! The key word of course is ‘designed’ and the power of their […]


The Love Inside- You Take It With You!

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago my wife and I  attended the funeral viewing of a man who was the father of a friend. Upon returning we viewed on TV an interview of the actor Patrick Swayze by Barbara Walters. Mr Swayze had been diagnosed with pancreas cancer and has since died.  The next morning  I taught a […]

roses and rings

Rings And Roses

TheDiscipleMD A man I have great respect for shared with me these thoughts from the early days of his marriage.  (1951) “In spite of our financial difficulties, my wife was always encouraging and had faith in my ability to do the things I wanted to do.  I resigned my job with the government because I […]


Our Love Is A Whirlwind On The Rise!

TheDiscipleMD I never felt I would ever love someone like I do her! I just couldn’t imagine that kind of love! Sometimes I look over at her, and when she flashes a smile back at me, I know she can see right through me. She sees the ‘raw’ material of who I am. That used […]

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