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Oh…Just One More Thing!

TheDiscipleMD Columbo is my favorite television show of all time. The series began in 1968 and ran, off and on, all the way to 2003. It is one of the few complete TV series I own on DVD. I think what originally drew me to the show was the format of knowing, up front, who the […]


I’ll Eat It; But I’m Not Going To Like It! (Agency Rules)

TheDiscipleMD A family story is told that once as a young boy my great-uncle was at the dinner table with his parents.  Like many young people he didn’t like what was on his plate to eat.  He belligerently stated, “I don’t like this and I’m not going to eat it! His father sternly replied, “Not only are […]


Who Knows What I’ll Find!

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago my then 86-year-old Father and I were having lunch, which is something we try to do at least once a week. We shared important memories, ideals and concepts. At one point during the conversation the dialogue veered onto the social problems of the day. We talked about it and the […]


The Stagecoach Story: A Parable On Priesthood Leadership

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I found myself seated on the last row of pews for my 9am Sacrament Meeting. I was watching over and trying to control my four sons, the oldest of which was nine. My wife had just had our fifth child that week and was home for the day. It so happened that this […]

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