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ramblin man

Lord I Was Born A Rambling Man; Not!

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago a group known as the Allman Brothers released a song that opened with these lyrics: Lord I was born a ramblin’ man Trying to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can And when it’s time for leavin’ I hope you understand That I was born a ramblin’ man (Ramblin’ […]


The Ghosts Of Pioneer Past

TheDiscipleMD I once watched a documentary on the Public Broadcasting Service about animals that live in the desert.  The show highlighted the fact that at first glance it appeared that very few animals lived in such harsh conditions.  As the camera panned the landscape there seemed to be no life.  But, upon closer examination the […]

Washington D.C. Temple

Closed Out Of A Sealing

TheDiscipleMD One of the great joys of life is sharing special moments with good friends. One of those moments is the marriage of a son or daughter. As you grow older the invitations to such timeless events increase. So, over the past twenty years my wife and I have received numerous invitations from our friends […]


Some Call That “Heaven On Earth,” I Call it “Vickie!”

TheDiscipleMD One of the primary motivations in life, for everyone, is to find love; and then being able to fully share that love with someone who, in return, wants to share their love with you. For many, this is a lifetime pursuit. Sadly, for some, this pursuit is never ending; or so it seems. I […]

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