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The Tradition of My Mothers (The Unfinished Basement)

TheDiscipleMD For many, I know it’s not possible! Times change. But it was such a wonderful blessing to my life to have her. She was always available when I needed her. Her name was the first one I called out when I got home from school each day. Her name was the first one that […]


Eternal Marriage: The Backbone Of The Restoration

TheDiscipleMD If you talk to anyone: I mean anyone,  they share a common belief. With few exceptions, it is a belief that relationships formed in this life will be there in the next. And although most believe it, the religious doctrines of their faith doesn’t match the god given instincts they are feeling. No matter what Christian denominational funeral service you attend, the preacher speaks […]


A Home Without A House

TheDiscipleMD A few months ago, while reading an article on-line, this story was retold by a columnist: “Years ago there was a TV show “Kids Say the Darndest Things” hosted by Art Linkletter. On one episode he asked a young child where he lived. The boy said, “We just moved here and are living in a […]


The Divine Nature And Destiny Of Marriage

TheDiscipleMD In 2012 my wife and I traveled to the heart of New York City to celebrate a wedding anniversary of her sister and her husband. They were visiting New York from Portland, Oregon. For me, the highlight and most insightful moment of the night happened late in the evening after dinner when the four […]

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