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declaration of independence

A (De)Secularation Of Independence

TheDiscipleMD As it has become increasingly difficult to raise our families under the basic tenants of our Christian beliefs due to the secularism of the day, and as the ballot box seems to fall victim to judicial fiat, we the people, still declare our rejection of secularism that is fast  becoming the core of our society. We support this […]

Camera 057

Waiting For ‘The Iron Horse To Zion’

TheDiscipleMD “And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.” (Rev. 21:25) The sounds of the station are so vibrant and filled with ‘colors my world.’  The bustle of the passengers, and  the shouts of the vendors are all about us.  Life is at it’s […]

library door ajar

The Library Door; Slightly Ajar

TheDiscipleMD The door to the library in the house I grew up in was always cracked, just a bit. An open invitation to come in and “explore” me.  I have many recollections as a boy and later as a teenager of images from the library. Throughout my life I would walk by it and peek inside. Often inside there […]

to kill a mockingbird


TheDiscipleMD He is a young man, just turned 15, whose mother was a drug addict, and whose father has been serving time in the local penitentiary since his birth. As a baby he was looked after by his grandmother, then moved from foster home to foster home till he was adopted by a couple.  However, this couple […]

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