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God Levels the ‘Field of Play’ For All

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago our family held a picnic in a local park. I organized a softball game with the boys and I playing the field and the girls hitting. My sons and I are avid ball players and although we didn’t hit and only played in the field, I gave us runs from […]


The Crucible Of Marriage

TheDiscipleMD I once listened to a popular talk show host, known for his biting and satirical humor, speak on the subject of marriage. He is known to be a ‘serial’ bachelor, meaning, he is constantly moving in and out of relationships but never committing to ‘marriage.’ He said, words to this effect: “They are always saying you have […]

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Lessons From My Granddaughter

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago I wrote these thoughts: “It has been so many years since I have watched, up close, the life of a small child.  I have forgotten the lessons I should have learned from them when I raised my own.  Since becoming a grandfather I have had the pleasure of watching my […]

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The Tradition of My Mothers (The Unfinished Basement)

TheDiscipleMD It was such a wonderful blessing to my life. She was always available when I needed her. Her name was the first one I called out when I got home from school each day. Her name was the first one that came to mind when seeking relief from pain, both physical and emotional. It […]

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