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shoulder crying

Shoulders Wet With Tears

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD I really can’t explain it but it happened.  In 2002 my mother passed away and I thought I was handling her loss very well.  Then, one Sunday, a few weeks after my mother died, a fellow church member came up to me and gave condolences regarding my loss.  I felt tears start to swell in […]


The Night My Wife And I Were Booed!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD My wife and I got Booed One night a few years ago! But it was such a wonderful feeling!  It meant that somebody cared for, and was thinking of us.  It made our night! It is the simple gestures in life that mean so much. Last night my wife found a plate of […]


A Marriage Of Manipulation

Print or EmailTheDisicpleMd Have you ever been with a  married couple and seen one of the spouses try to manipulate the other?  We all have seen it and perhaps many of us have been guilty of it. It’s wrong! The unfortunate aspect of manipulation is that often the innocent party doesn’t recognize it because, well, when […]


When I Was Crowned “Prince Of Muffins”

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD A few years ago my sons and I helped a poor elderly woman and her bed-stricken daughter move from one apartment to another. She was a patient of my wife, who is a home health care nurse.  Since that time, this woman has talked often about the service that we gave to her. She […]

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