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Our RSVP To The Lord’s Wedding

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago my wife and I attended three different marriage receptions for friends of ours on the same weekend.  Receptions are wonderful occasions for the entire family of the bride and groom. Often,  huge expense is incurred in order to celebrate the union of the couple.  Having married children, I know of the painstaking time and energy […]

Never To Be Blotted Out!

TheDiscipleMD It opened a few years ago and is located about a block from my work. I pass it each day on the way to the office. It’s building is shiny and new. I thought as I passed by it the other day that there used to be an Exxon gas station there…or was it a […]

Fireflies Unto The World

TheDiscipleMD They light up the sky at night here in the east. It is like watching small fireworks go off every summer night. I lived as a child in the country, with plenty of trees and no visible city lights to lessen the glow of the dance of the fireflies. They were on stage almost […]

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