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There Is Always A Way Back!

TheDiscipleMD I’m sure it has been said many times before I heard it, but several years ago a member addressed the brethren of the priesthood in one of our meetings and said this, “Before sinning Satan wants us to believe that it’s “no big deal, that its nothing”.  However after we do, he says to […]

The Touch Of The Body Shop’s Hand

TheDiscipleMD When last I saw it, twas battered and scared, not running and scarcely worth saving. But when I got my car back  it looked better than before I had the accident. The hood and fender are new. The broken and time scared grill has been replaced. The new emblem stands proudly perched on top of the […]

Is The ‘Master’ Alien To Us?

TheDiscipleMD Imagine a ship is suspended in Outer Space close enough for Aliens to view us, but far enough away so that they cannot be detected by man. They have done some preliminary studies of our planet and its species. On this, their first “visual” contact, they have focused their telescope on Central Park, New […]

Living A Nomadic Spiritual Life

TheDiscipleMd Perhaps you have never heard of a “Comad.” A “Comad” is a noun I made up. It is defined, by me, as: “A person who is endlessly spiritually searching while never leaving the comfort of their way of life.” This type of person is living a spiritually nomadic life. They search and want to […]

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