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For Where Your Treasure Is…

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago  I found myself  teaching an early morning religious class for high schoolers at a local church building.   For two years I got up very early each school day to teach the class without receiving monetary payment. I was never late nor did I miss a class due to illness. Arriving at the same time […]

Salvation Sold Cheap!

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I took over an insurance agency from a man who was retiring. Shortly after I became the agent, I received a call from a client who wanted to know something about his business insurance. However, upon examination, I discovered that my company had no record that he had ever had insurance with them. […]

If We Have Desires!

TheDiscipleMD The birth of the Carpenter’s son has had more impact on this world than any other birth in the history. Men’s lives have been changed and more good has been brought about by way of Christ’s birth then any other single event. Unfortunately much evil and misery has also been brought upon mankind by […]

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