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“That Was My Mistake…I Stopped Praying!”

TheDiscipleMD While serving in a war-torn country in 1976, and during some extremely dark days as a missionary, I was stationed in a tiny town on the Pampas of Argentina. With limited funds due to the military Junta that had overthrown the government, and a strained relationship hemorrhaging with my assigned companion, I found myself […]

The Company You Keep

TheDiscipleMD I was an average wrestler my junior year of High School, but in one year I turned things around and as a senior I became a regional champion. It was years after graduating from high school before I recognized that I had been the recipient of the principle of “the company that you keep.” […]

The Last Letter!

TheDiscipleMD Three months before my Mother passed away she and My Dad were able to attend my son’s missionary farewell held at the church building. Afterwards we had a pleasant afternoon as we all gathered at the house for lunch celebrating his mission call combined with my Dad’s birthday. I still remember my Mom being […]

The Family: A Divine And Eternal Unit

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago I was informed that a long time client had suddenly died of a heart attack. He was age sixty-five. I had personally spoken with, or seen him, every month for many years. He too was a father of several children and at the time I have recently joined him in […]

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