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Splashed On! (By The ‘Great And Spacious Building’)

TheDiscipleMD I was handed a copy of a very interesting article that appeared in the Winter 2011 BYU magazine. It was an article written by M. Sue Bertin entitled “The Dangerous Digital Vortex”. The article addresses the danger we all face in this technological age. Particularly children. She spoke, not only of the importance of filtering […]

As The Chasm Widens We Must Not Compromise!

TheDiscipleMD In the fall of the year 1974 came the words of a prophet to the people: “Unless the world alters the course of its present trends (and that is not likely); and if, on the other hand, we continue to follow the teachings of the prophets, we shall increasingly become a peculiar and distinctive […]

One…Is A Lonely Number! Like many of you, I follow the Olympics. A few years ago I watched the winter games held in Vancover, Canada. There were many games and events that had exciting finishes. I don’t know how many countries were represented but one quote reportedly said by the sole representative of Albania stands out in my mind. Alpine […]

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