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It’s Called A Curve!

TheDiscipleMD The summer after high school graduation I played on the local American Legion Baseball Team. It was a team composed of the best high school players in the area. I was thrilled to make the team and I gained a starting spot playing centerfield for the team. I had one of the most outstanding […]

Making A ‘Short’ Story ‘Long’!

TheDiscipleMD We have all heard people say, “Well, to make a long story short…”, yet, more often than not people tend to make “a short story long.” Such is the case with the gospel as taught by Jesus Christ. A quick, or extensive examination of the teachings of Christ reveal quite clearly that His gospel was […]

Our Love Is A Whirlwind On The Rise!

TheDiscipleMD I never felt I would ever love someone like I do her! I just couldn’t imagine that kind of love! Sometimes I look over at her, and when she flashes a smile back at me, I know she can see right through me. She sees the ‘raw’ material of who I am. That used […]

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