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Do We Look Beyond The Mark?

TheDiscipleMD This past weekend found me at the local Verizon phone store resolving problems with my new phone.  I spent several hours in the store.  I spent most of the time standing off to the side and learning up against a wall while a clerk determined and then fixed the problem. I had close to two […]

Reagan Wrote

TheDiscipleMD President Ronald Reagan wrote: “The family has always been the cornerstone of American Society. Our families nurture, preserve, and pass on to each succeeding generation the values we share and cherish, values that are the foundation for our freedoms. In the family we learn our first lessons of God and man, love and discipline, […]

Confessing The Lord’s Hand In All Things

TheDiscipleMD (At the passing of Alden Halsey, a great man and Patriarch, today’s post is a repost of a message I shared a number of years ago. His footprint has been deep in the lives of those who were privileged to know him. I cherish every interaction I had with him over my lifetime.) Several […]

Let Us Graduate In Kindness!

The DiscipleMD A number of years ago my wife and I attended the college graduation of our daughter. As always there are lessons to be learned in everyday life and the graduation ceremony was no different. Before the diplomas were handed out the Dean of the school asked politely if we would hold our applause […]

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