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I Thought My Husband Was Going To Die But The Lord Was Just Teasing Me!

TheDiscipleMD The news broke that her husband had come down with a rare blood disorder that threatened his life. Apparently he had contracted some sort of virus and the prognosis was not good. The church rallied around the family. I marveled at the compassion of the members and also at the courage of the grief-stricken […]

Little Is Accomplished When We Name Call Or Demonize Others

TheDiscipleMD On February 11th, 1861, newly elected President Abraham Lincoln delivered a farewell speech to his home state in Springfield, Illinois, as he left for Washington D.C.: “I now leave, not knowing when or whether ever I may return, with a task before me greater than that which rested upon Washington. Without the assistance of […]

If There Be No Sin, There Is No Need Of A Savior

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I read a series entitled, “Focus on Faith”, that was published each Monday on the Forum page of the USA Today.  In it, a guest commentary writer named Jonathan Merritt,  wrote an article called, “An Evangelical Plea: “Love the Sinner.” The next day a reader wrote: “It is not enough as […]

Welcome To My World ‘Lady’ Charlotte!

It was more than ten years ago that, at dawn’s early light, I opened my eyes.  I glanced at the time, 5:08 am. My wife was also awake. We both lay there awhile but I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up. It was a Wednesday, the first day of December, […]

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