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When Your Favorite Food Is Value Meal ‘#7’!

I venture to say that most American families are not sitting down, as they once did, to eat regular home-cooked meals. This fact was comically brought to the forefront of my mind when a senior on a local high school basketball listed in the school sports guide that his favorite meal was “Value Meal number […]

Of Women And Men!

TheDiscipleMD Sometimes lessons come over time, other times they come in a flash of a moment. If I needed reminding, such was the case about ten years ago when I heard the laughter of my then 2-year-old granddaughter while I pushed her on the swing set. My wife and I had taken her out to […]

Storms By Any Name

TheDiscipleMD I lived in Maryland for most of my life. During that time there has been a number of devastating storms that have passed through the state. “You can call it Agnes, or you can call it Eloise, or you can call it David, or you can call it Gloria, or you can call it […]

The Half-Wit And The Kingdom Of God

TheDiscipleMD “A man owned a small farm in Indiana. The Indiana State Wage & Hour Department claimed he was not paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent out to interview him. “I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them,” demanded the agent. “Well,” replied the farmer, “there’s […]

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