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“If My Life Is Of No Value To My Friends…”

TheDiscipleMD There is a bond forged while in church service that is not found in this world. Perhaps the armed services comes the closest to forming such feellings of love and closeness.  This brotherhood or sisterhood  is forged because of the nature of the work. At times it can be hard, with joy and discouragement neatly […]

The Light Above!

My father told me the following story several years ago. He was in the Navy during the closing months of World War II. Still a teenager, he was at the crossroads of becoming his own man. He was searching for the meaning of life and the direction he should go to pursue happiness. He had […]

“Just Say The Words!”

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago, prior to his passing,  I was visiting with my father, who long ago served as a Bishop for the church. He told me an interesting story that brought back into remembrance a truth, I believe, that is felt by all those who have loved in marriage, regardless of their Christian […]

Since My ‘Epiphany’ I Haven’t Looked At ‘Flagmen’ The Same Way!

TheDiscipleMD It seems that my whole life I have been driving on roads that are “under construction.” The road leading to my office seems to have been that way for years. A few years ago I passed by a familiar person, “the flagman.” He looked like your typical construction worker; hard hat, bright orange vest, […]

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