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Should We Be Judged On The One Bad Inning Of Our Life?

TheDiscipleMD I was having lunch a few months ago with an old teammate of mine from high school days. He continues to be a good friend. We played on the same baseball team for many years. During the summer of my junior year he and I led our team to a championship. He was one […]

The Birth Of My Obituary!

TheDiscipleMD The day we are born is the birth of our obituary because it is the beginning of both our life and death. On that day we begin to live the life that will eventually spell out on paper, the final words that will define who we are! A number of years ago I was […]

What I Remember About the Day I Was Born!

TheDiscipleMD Today is my Birthday, or so I have been told. I do have a birth certificate that serves as verification that I was born on May 12th.  But, what do I remember about the day I was born? Well…nothing! Yet, I have been told that it happened. And somehow, although I have no memory […]

Scott & Vickie’s “Excellent” Adventure!

TheDiscipleMD On a recent vacation with another family couple, we made a reservation with an upscale restaurant one evening. The meal was okay but the dessert lacked. As a couple we each ordered a dessert. All four of us tasted one of the desserts and thought there was an ingredient that seemed spoiled. The other […]

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