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A Tale Of Two Sittings

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago I recieved an email from one of my sons.  He had just finished reading the classic, “A Tale of Two Cities”, by Charles Dickens and shared an interesting thought: ” I wanted to share with you a part of A Tale of Two Cities that I liked. This kind of […]

The Best Things In Life Really Are Free!

TheDiscipleMD “All of the good things, Every one of the better things, The best, best things in life, They’re free!” So sang Sam Cooke. I think if we examine his words, we will find them to ring true for our lives. He named the stars and the moon, flowers, and robins and the sunbeams above, […]

The JFK Assassination of My Innocence

TheDiscipleMD The human eye is like a camera, the lid is like a shutter. You blink and somehow an image is recorded in your brain. Sometimes the recorded image stays for a short time. Sometimes it fades over years. But at other times, the snapshot is imbedded in your mind’s eye for life. Long before […]

When Our Garden Turns Into Gethsemane

TheDiscipleMD I learned a valuable lesson from a man who told me that a number of years ago a married brother of his had been on the verge of making a major mistake that would have a lasting negative impact on his family, as well as the extended family. With much consternation he told me […]

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