Modern Anesthesiology Inspired By Story Of Adam & Eve!


Who could have guessed that the Old Testament could give an inspirational kick to the advancement of modern Anesthesiology. Yet, apparently it was, by verses found in the second chapter of Genesis.

“And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” (Genesis 2:21-22)

You may ask, how could these verses be an inspiration to medical advancement. Well, according to the Bible,  Adam was put into a “deep sleep” by the Lord. And according to history:

“Sir James Young Simpson (1811-1870), pioneered modern anesthesiology through his discovery of “Chloroform” in 1847. He stated that his research was inspired by the “deep sleep” that Adam was put into.” (“America’s, God and Country, Encyclopedia of Quotations” by William J. Federer).

It appears that Dr. Simpson was intrigued by how the Lord accomplished the “deep sleep”. It is a funny thing, because prior to reading about Dr. Simpson, I had never given it a second thought. The Lord “caused” a deep sleep to come upon Adam, and that is that. But for inquisitive minds, that, is not always that! Reading about Dr. Simpson and his inquiring mind reminded me again of the importance of having such a mind; an “inquiring” mind. In an age where information is at our fingertips and explanations of every aliment and problem that besiege us are readily at hand, it is easy to develop a “lazy” mind.  It is even more deadly to develop “lazy” spiritually. Our spiritual minds need to be exercised. We need to be reading the inspired words of God. Who knows what will come out of it? Perhaps, like Sir Simpson, it will even be inspiration that can bless the world.

In order for our minds to be spiritually exercised, we need to read, think and ponder on the inspired words as recorded in the scriptures. Then we need to “experiment” on the word. (Alma 32:27). That is what Dr. Simpson did. He read the words in Genesis. Then:

“Dr Simpson and two of his friends, Doctors Keith and Duncan used to sit every evening in Dr Simpson’s dining room to try new chemicals to see if they had any anesthetic effect. On the 4th of November, 1847 they decided to try a ponderous material named chloroform that they had previously ignored. On inhaling the chemical they found that a general mood of cheer and humor had set in. But suddenly all of them collapsed only to regain consciousness the next morning. Simpson knew, as soon as he woke up, that he had found something that could be used as an anesthetic” (Wikipedia).

Perhaps we won’t discover something of historic importance, like Dr. Simpson, when we read the scriptures. Then again….! However, despite a distinguished career in medicine, Sir James Young Simpson concluded this:

“My greatest discovery is that I have a Savior”. (“Men of Science-Men of God”. Henry M. Morris, page 52). Sir Simpson got it right! And in the end, his greatest discovery should also be ours!


When Regret Lingers


It was early evening when I stood on my porch while surveying the yard work I had done that day. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the glimpse of a figure of a lone man walking down the sidewalk towards my house. He seemed to be laboring and hunched over as he slowly made his way past. His head was down and he seemed to be studying every inch of the concrete before him so as not to trip over a crack. He never saw me but I recognized him as a man in his fifties who had been in my house on occasion. He was a man who I found to be humble and full of goodness, yet he was a bit uncomfortable to talk with, so…I let him pass without saying hello. I was busy, tired from the day, and I just wasn’t in the mood for a ‘friendly chat.’

Later I found out that he passed away the same night I wasn’t in a friendly mood. I was left pondering about the fragile nature of life, but mostly regretting that I hadn’t taken the time to hold a last conversation with him. We never know when our conversation or actions with loved ones will be our last. The son of Gordon B. Hinckley once said:

“When I was a boy, my father often would use an interesting phrase when he was offering the family prayer. He would say, “Heavenly Father, please bless us that we may live without regret.”

A good motto for all of us should be that we live without regrets. We need to ‘seize the moment’ and take advantage of every opportunity to be a friend to all. For me, and this man, the time is now past and the opportunity missed. I just wasn’t in the mood for a ‘friendly chat that day and now my regret lingers!

If You Want To Feel “Electricity In The Air” You Have To Pay The Price!


SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 (From the archives)

I knew it would be a historic night for Major League Baseball. That’s why I asked my wife if she would go to the final game of the season in Baltimore. The Orioles are, and have been, perennial losers the past fifteen years. But the dreaded Boston Red Soxs were in town and their play-off status was riding on this game. As an avid Yankee fan, I hate Boston. So, I thought what a wonderful opportunity it would be to attend a game where the Soxs could be eliminated from making post season play. If you’re a baseball fan, you might know that Boston had a nine game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays going into September. Yet, going into last night, both teams were tied with only one game left. Boston, after having a September record of 7 wins and 18 loses, was on the verge of the biggest collapse in baseball history. In history! This is a league that has been playing for over a hundred years. So I was hoping that by attending the game last night I might be witness to something special. For my wife’s part, she was going along for the ride.

By the time we got out the door, gassed up,got something to eat and drove down to the park it was already in the middle of the first inning. The traffic was unusually heavy, which I found out later was due to all the Red Sox fans in attendance, who were hoping to celebrate a victory and possible play-off birth. So, I attempted to circumvent the traffic and ended up making it worse. Finally, after manuring around in traffic we got to the ballpark parking lot. But the one I normally park in was full. Very strange, I thought! As I drove about I checked the score of the Tampa Bay game and found out they were losing to the Yankees by a score of 5-0. Well, I thought, I hope the O’s can at least beat Boston and make them play Tampa in a one game play-off. We continued on in heavy traffic and flag men were directing us to a parking lot that was the furthest distance from the stadium. I looked up at the sky and it seemed very forbidding. Heavy rains were in the forecast. I had the game on the radio as we sat in the traffic. It was now the top of the second. I couldn’t see an end to the line of cars in front of me to park. I wanted to turn around and go home. But I endured. It took another thirty minutes to park, then another twenty minutes to walk to the stadium. By then it was already the fourth inning. No matter I thought, tonight, if only the O’s could win, I might see history. We were sitting in pretty good seats but they were exposed to the elements. And as I looked at the clouds overhead, it looked like they might open up at any minute. At least we had brought an umbrella. As the night went on I checked the scoreboard to see how Tampa Bay was doing. They were losing 7-0 going into the bottom of the eight inning. They were toast! Perhaps, I wouldn’t see history at all. It began to rain. My wife and I hunkered down under the umbrella. First it was a mist of rain then, all heck broke loose. The clouds opened up and it felt like an ocean was being unloaded on us. The game was stopped in the middle of the seventh. The dreaded Red Soxs were ahead 3-2. My wife and I retreated for shelter inside the stadium. Tarps were put on the field. It looked like it was going to rain for a long time. I looked at my wife and asked her what she wanted to do. Being a good sport, she said, “Whatever you want, Honey!”. I checked the score on my phone of the Tampa Bay/Yankee game and lo and behold the Rays had scored six runs in the bottom of the eight and were only losing 7-6 with one inning to go. I told her, “Let’s wait and see what happens in that game. If Tampa Bay wins, let’s stay”. She was OK with that. The showers kept coming. Thirty minutes went by, an hour. I checked the Rays/Yankee game and saw that the Rays had miraculously tied it up in the ninth. It was gong into extra innings. Now I was determined to stay.

Well, you might imagine what happened next! Another twenty minutes or so went by and the rains stopped. Most of the fans had left. Those that had stayed were primarily Red Sox fans. I mean, they had something to stay for. The Orioles, no matter what, were going to finish dead last in the division…as usual! But I was determined to stay! The game continued and was still 3-2, Boston, in the bottom of the ninth. The great closer of the Red Soxs, Papelbon, struck out the first two batters. It felt like I was in Boston’s Fenway Park, as the remaining crowd was cheering every strike. Two outs, no chance for the O’s. I looked up at the scoreboard, the Yankees and Rays were still tied and entering the 12th inning. Then, just like in the movie, The Natural, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky. Electricity was in the air!

What happened next will go down in history! For a baseball fan, it couldn’t get any better! Papelbon gave up a double to Chris Davis! Who is Chris Davis? Then Nolan Reimold hit a double to tie the game. The crowd, what was left of it, fell eerily silent. Then Robert Andino came up and lined a shot into left field. At first I thought it was going to be caught but the left fielder couldn’t quit get to it. Reimold scored with the winning run. I couldn’t believe it! The Orioles players poured out onto the field and acted as if they had won the championship. The Red Sox players looked to be in shock. It was pandemonium! I got so excited I couldn’t help but yell for joy! It was almost a spiritual moment! Just then, the big scoreboard screen flashed up that the Tampa Ray Rays, who had been losing by a score of 7-0 in the eighth inning, had won in twelve innings by a score of 8-7. Three minutes had separated Boston’s loss with the Rays win. I indeed had seen history. I had witnessed the biggest collapse in Major League history.

I turned the TV off and looked over at my wife who was soundly sleeping in our bed. Ahh…..if only I hadn’t turned around because of the traffic. I mean, I was there, in the stadium parking lot, but….I just didn’t preserve! I just didn’t have the wherewith to go the final step. So I drove home and listened to the game on the radio. Once home, I turned on the television set and watched both games as they unfolded. My wife fell quickly to sleep! The only light in the room was the glow of the TV. It was still exciting to watch but I didn’t get to feel “the electricity in the air”.

Too often we miss out on experiencing life’s spiritual “electricity in the air” because the “traffic” is too heavy, the “weather” isn’t right, or we just don’t want to put forth the effort. Showing up at the stadium parking lot, then turning for home won’t give it to us. I found out, that night, that if you want to feel the “electricity in the air”, you have to be willing to stay outside and weather the storm.

The Testimony Of A Simple Farm Girl


“…Before I leave this life, I want all of you to know how much I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how much it means to me. As a little girl, I didn’t have a lot of worldly goods, but I had good parents. I was born and raised on a ranch in Idaho in a dirt roof log cabin with one room. Each evening before I could read, I would view pictures of the life of Christ through what my father called a “telescope”. They showed Jesus born in a manger, the shepherds and the wise men and the flight into Egypt and Jesus in the temple. His complete life. Oh, how I loved those pictures…The gospel of Jesus Christ is true grandchildren!

A child will always remember what he is taught and believe it when taught as a child. Grandchildren, you have been taught well. Teach your children the gospel while they are young. The young people today need the gospel taught and lived in their homes with their parents, greater than at any time in this dispensation. Satan is real!…May God continue to bless you!”

I am sure that my Mom never really imagined, no matter how logical, that her days in this life would come to an end but they did. So I am so grateful that she left behind her written testimony on several different occasions. The world has changed so much since she was a little girl. It has become much more complex and sophisticated. But the gospel message has stayed very simple. Its saving message is found  in her few words written above. It’s really all we need to know in order to compel us forward towards exaltation. It’s a simple message about a simple carpenter,  from a simple farm girl, that if taken to heart, will profoundly affect us and our families, in this life, and for all eternity.



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