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Eternal Marriage: The Backbone Of The Restoration

TheDiscipleMD If you talk to anyone: I mean anyone,  they share a common belief. With few exceptions, it is a belief that relationships formed in this life will be there in the next. And although most believe it, the religious doctrines of their faith doesn’t match the god given instincts they are feeling. No matter what Christian denominational funeral service you attend, the preacher speaks […]

When Mental Illness Establishes ‘Residency’

TheDisicpleMD Over the years, I have spoken to countless individuals who are suffering from anxiety, depression and a host of other disorders. Most were faithful members of the church, doing all that they can to keep the commandments and obey the gospel principles. Despite faith and priesthood blessings, their illnesses remain. Their stories are heartbreaking […]

When I Was Crowned “Prince Of Muffins”

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago my sons and I helped a poor elderly woman and her bed-stricken daughter move from one apartment to another. She was a patient of my wife, who is a home health care nurse.  Since that time, this woman has talked often about the service that we gave to her. She had no […]

To Whom Shall We Go?

TheDiscipileMD On occasion I have heard members criticizing the church, its doctrine, its leaders, or its policies. Sometimes, it seems, they are straining to do so. I would expect this from those not of our faith. Many times they don’t understand the principles and doctrines taught therein. Often they are uninformed, or misinformed. While I realize that the […]

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