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Up On The Roof

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago our family took a trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. According to Wikipedia “it is widely considered the greatest family summer resort in the country.” I don’t know if that is true or not but it does have a great boardwalk that stretches for two and a half miles […]

What Is The Perfect LDS Family?

TheDiscipleMD I loved growing up in my family! When I got married, I tried, as best I could, to model my “new” family after the “old.” I don’t know if my wife and I succeeded in doing so, but I have hopes that our kids feel the same way about “our” family as I felt about “my” family. […]

Is Anyone Listening?

TheDiscipleMD In a commentary published several years ago and written by syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, he asks this question: “Where are the orators who will lead us away from our fixation on pleasure and prosperity and back to an ethic well understood by previous generations; an ethic of responsibility and accountability? (Double Jeopardy-Cal Thomas, Washington Times). The […]

Can We Walk On Water?

TheDiscipleMD I’ve always been a strong believer that there is no good that comes from being in improper places even if our intentions are honorable. I remember one church friend who rationalized that since Christ associated with the sinners that it meant that we should do the same. Let me relate to you a story […]

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