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Rich Memories Of A Retired Paperboy

  TheDiscipleMd As a little boy and through young manhood I was a Paperboy. I delivered the Washington Post everyday early in the morning. On many of those mornings my mother would help me by driving the car. It gave me one on one time with her and led to some wonderful conversations and experiences. […]

Electricity Was In The Air

TheDiscipleMD SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 (From the archives) I knew it would be a historic night for Major League Baseball. That’s why I asked my wife if she would go to the final game of the season in Baltimore. The Orioles are, and have been, perennial losers the past fifteen years. But the dreaded Boston Red Soxs were […]

I Don’t Understand Why ‘Smoking’ Makes Me A Bad Person!

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago we held an open house at the church. I had direct responsibility over the event.  I was in the middle of a conversation with a lady when another woman came into the chapel. I directed one of our members to help her. Later, I was told that she was inquiring in […]

My ‘Bully Obese’ Pulpit

TheDiscipleMD During the past couple of weeks I have seen on Television a report showing that millions of Federal dollars are being spent on video equipment that is being using to tape what elementary students are eating in the cafeteria. A costly report will surely enlighten us that kids tend to eat “unhealthy” food items […]

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