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Cherry And Evergreen Saints One of the most beautiful sites found in Washington D.C. is the festival of the Cherry Blossom. Each year in March our capital city celebrates the gift of Cherry Trees given to us in 1912 by the Japanese. I have visited Washington many times during the spring months and seen the beauty of the […]

Don’t Buy Into “Hot” Snow Balls!

TheDiscipleMD Some of my favorite memories are attending professional baseball games with my Dad and brother. On one occasion back in the 1960’s we were attending a game between the New York Yankees and the Washington Senators at RFK stadium in Washington D.C.. My brother and I were both young boys excited about the game […]

I Don’t Care What You Think Of Me!

TheDiscipleMD There is nothing like experience to teach you important lessons in life. Like most aging people, I feel young at heart and that my soul is still that of a teenager, but you can’t help but gain wisdom and knowledge the longer you travel down life’s highway. So it was with a lesson I […]

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