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My First Senior Moment

TheDiscipleMD It didn’t flow, nor did it come easily but I said it, “Two senior diet coke’s please!” That’s the order I gave several years ago at the local McDonald’s on my way to work with my wife.   You see, at McDonald’s, you are “entitled” to a “senior” discount when you turn 55 and that […]

Attractive Distractions!

TheDiscipleMD I’ve only had one at fault accident during all my years of driving.  My record would be perfect, if not for an “attractive distraction” that led to my only accident. It was the month of May, just before I turned 19. I had finished my shift at a local gas station and was on […]

May We Embrace Truth In All Its Forms

TheDiscipleMD While we may disagree with one another when it comes to religion, and who is teaching the whole truth; universal truths usually can be found in many religions and philosophies.  And while my Jewish friends may disagree with me regarding Jesus Christ and his divine role as Savior of the World, there is still much we can learn from […]

The Life And Thought

TheDisicpleMd Recently my family celebrated the 90th birthday of my father. Extended family and friends gathered to mark the milestone in his life. He is a man of much wisdom and stature due to the nature of how he has chosen to live his life. “Chosen” is the key word. Coincidently, he finally finished his […]

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