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The Story Is Told Of An English Farmer

TheDiscipleMD The story is told of an English farmer at work one day in his field when he saw a party of huntsmen riding about his farm.  Concerned that they might ride into the field where the crop could be damaged by the horses, he sent one of his workmen to shut the gate and […]

Who Is Worthy to Partake Of The Sacrament?

TheDiscipleMD In the eighteenth chapter of Third Nephi is recorded some of the instructions that the Savior gave to the people here in the Americas. In this chapter He institutes the Sacrament, teaches them to pray always in His name, and gave the disciples power to give the Holy Ghost. Of note to me is […]

The Least Of The ‘Honkers’ (Learning Patience)

TheDiscipleMD My wife and I noticed a habit that local drivers have here in the west; they honk- rather quickly compared to the east coast. We were sitting at a light and it couldn’t have been green for more than a fraction of a section when I heard a quick “honk” coming from behind me. It gave me […]

Quoth The Raven!

TheDiscipleMD “Much I marvelled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly” (“The Raven”, Edgar Allan Poe) A number of years ago Edwin Mulitalo spoke at a conference for our youth.  He was a member of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowel championship team. I remember his humility and the lesson he taught our youth when […]

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