There Is Always A Way Back!


I’m sure it has been said many times before I heard it, but several years ago a member addressed the brethren of the priesthood in one of our meetings and said this, “Before sinning Satan wants us to believe that it’s “no big deal, that its nothing”.  However after we do, he says to us that it’s too big of a sin to overcome, there is no way back”.  I remember sitting on the stand and thinking how cunning and deceitful Satan can be.  I have spoken to many people who have expressed similar thoughts, who once deceived into sinning feel that there is no hope for return.

There are many examples in the scriptures of those who have gone down this road and fortunately they have found that the mercy of Jesus Christ is always extended.  There is always a way back! Who can forget the story of Saul, he who was persecuting the followers of Jesus Christ.  But, he changed his life and became an avid missionary for the gospel of Christ.  His change of heart was so complete that he took upon himself a new name, Paul! He stands as one of the greatest examples of how the Lord’s arms are forever reaching out to His children. This Saul of Taurus is the same man who held the clothes of the men who stoned Stephen while showing no remorse. (Acts 7) Ironically his repentance is so complete that, like Stephen, he too suffers a martyrs fate for the gospel.

Upon true repentance, lives can be cleansed and the light of the gospel can illuminate the entire soul.   We all recall the story of the “Master’s Touch”. His touch truly can heal us from pain and sin.  Many years ago I stood laughing to myself as I heard a lost driver yell out to another man for directions to his intended destination. The response of, “You can’t get there from here!” from the other man left me smiling. (I think the man was trying to say that the driver needed to turn around, not that it was impossible for him to get to another part of the city).  Well, you can “get there” from where you are because the Lord has provided the way through repentance.  It’s a remarkable thing, repentance.  It’s a remarkable thing, the atonement.  It’s a remarkable thing, the love of our Father.

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