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Why Does God ‘Allow’ Bad Things To Happen?

TheDiscipleMD Those who say that, “If God loved us, He wouldn’t let such bad things happen”, have always puzzled me. To me, the conclusion they have drawn is much like a story I heard: “A research scientist once conducted a study on the common house fly. He miraculously taught a fly to jump over a […]

“I Want You to Never Forget That Jesus Exists!”

TheDiscipleMd (As told to me by a man in his eighties that I have great admiration for, and who has led an exemplary life) It was 1959. My family was on vacation and was returning home. On the drive I started to have thoughts about my Dad and could not concentrate on anything else. When […]

My Father’s Obituary

THEDISCIPLEMD 1927 ~ 2020 There are few “great” men who are born into this world. There are even fewer that are considered “great and noble.” Garth A. Stephenson (1927-2020) was one of the latter. His life transcended even the most flowering words of adoration that have come from the minds of the greatest poets and […]

The Same Blame Game As Cain

TheDiscipleMD Any student of the Bible knows the story of Cain and Abel and of the first recorded murder. Because of Cain’s insincere offering, the Lord “had not respect… and Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.” (Gen. 4-5) Motivated by greed, envy, and jealously, Cain slew his brother Abel. When his dastardly deed […]

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