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The God Of Hope!

TheDiscipleMD Going to the funeral of a loved one is a sobering thing. One who was so alive, now lies peacefully but silently in a coffin. Last week on the drive to work, I reflected, again, on the inevitable separation from loved ones that awaits me. I must admit that I came to tears. It […]

Days Never To Be Forgotten!

TheDiscipleMD I received a short email from my younger sister a few years ago responding to a long ago event that I had shared via TheDiscipleMD. She wrote, ” I remember that so well- time sure has gone by!” For some reason, reading her response brought back another similar phrase written by Oliver Cowdery that […]

With Love And Great Admiration- Dad

TheDiscipleMD My Father wrote me this letter over ten years ago. He has since passed on to the other side, making these thoughts more penetrating than ever. Where is he now? He was convinced of the answer to the question that has plagued mankind since the beginning. Dear Son, The tumult and the shouting dies- […]

Wounds Heal, But Victory Lasts Forever!

TheDiscipleMd Captured by a photographer for a local newspaper is a photo of me sliding head first into home to tie the score in the County High School Baseball Championship Game. It was published on the front page of its sports section and was titled, “Safe at Home.” I have been sliding head first into […]

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