Wounds Heal, But Victory Lasts Forever!

Captured by a photographer for a local newspaper is a photo of me sliding head first into home to tie the score in the County High School Baseball Championship Game. It was published on the front page of its sports section and was titled, “Safe at Home.” I have been sliding head first into bases, when needed, since I was a little boy.

Fast forward over forty years. A few years ago my four sons and I played on the same softball team along with my nephews. My skills are diminishing as I now approach the backside of my life. That being said, my heart is still young. In a softball game where we were being beaten badly we rallied to tie the game in the last inning. With two outs and runners in scoring position I hit a ground ball to the shortstop who threw the ball to first to get me out. As I neared the base I could tell the play was going to be close so I dove headfirst into first base. Somehow my unorthodox running rattled the first baseman who dropped the ball and we won the game. The field is like concrete and I had already dove headfirst into home earlier in the game. Blood oozed down my arms but the game was won.

The next day I was sore all over and could hardly get my body out of bed. The sores on my elbows had been sweating blood all night. I sent a text to my four sons which read:

“My arms and body feel like hamburger meat this morning!”

A question came back from one of my sons:

“Was it worth it?”

My reply: “Wounds heal but victories last forever!”

“Is it worth it?” we may ask, to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that being a faithful disciple of the Savior is much like playing baseball, or anything else in life. Wounds may come in giving your all but the rewards are worth it! Sometimes when we give it all to the Savior, we may lose friends,family, money, or social status. Some have given their very life! Yet, all these things, including life, are temporary. I hold great faith that whatever is lost for sake of the Savior, will be made whole by He who rules this universe.

Experience has taught me that physical, as well as all other wounds, do heal with time. It has also taught me to have faith in the promises that victory is in store for those who sacrifice and become faithful followers of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world! And victory in Christ’s wounds are forever! Sometimes in life, we must be willing to make a head first slide in order to be ‘safe at home.’

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