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Do All Dogs (Really) Go To Heaven?

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Their names were Bullet, Ringo, Spy, Steffi, Gretzsky, Diego, and Apollo. I know their names because I have considered them members of my family. Today my wife and I have two Doodles, Sophie and Tucker. As a boy, the family dog provided comfort and companionship no matter the circumstance. Their love seemed […]

“Headed” The Right Way!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Soccer is the number one sport in the world, yet it lags far behind as a spectator sport here in the United States. Compared to the high scoring games of basketball, baseball, and football I can see why. But I have a greater appreciation of the sport than most after having played […]

When Our Rendezvous With God…Is Only An Intersection Away!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMd This past week my wife was in a car accident when another driver ran a red light and broadsided her at an intersection. As I drove to the scene, I started imagining the tragic possibilities. Lives can be changed in fractions of seconds, and fortunately for my wife, a half of a […]

Are We Spiritually Starving?

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD On occasion I copy my messages to an old missionary companion, Lloyd Newell. Such was the case a few years ago when I shared with him my message of the day. He warmly responded back and sent me a rough copy of an article that was going to be published, entitled “Inviting […]

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