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The Worth Of A Single Strawberry

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD The stairs to her neighbor’s house seemed to go on forever for the little girl. And although her Dad was holding her tiny six-year old hand, the ascent up those numberless stairs seemed so scary and forbidding. With her Father at her side, she reached up to ring the doorbell. She could […]

One Act Of Kindness Can Change The World For Someone We Know

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMd In 1930 he had been born to a 16 year old unwed mother who would later marry 7 times in her life. His upbringing was one of poverty and uncertainty. In a nutshell, he lived a life none of us would wish on our worst enemy. To escape his pain he joined […]

The Stagecoach Story: A Parable On Priesthood Leadership

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Many years ago I found myself seated on the last row of pews for my 9am Sacrament Meeting. I was watching over and trying to control my four sons, the oldest of which was nine. My wife had just had our fifth child that week and was home for the day. It so happened […]

Pray To God, But Row For Shore

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD “There exists a Divine partnership between God and man that is wonderfully depicted in the following story. A young minister was driving through the countryside when he spotted a farmer tilling 40 acres of magnificent farmland. The minister pulled over and addressed the farmer, “God has certainly blessed you with a wonderful […]

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