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Thirteen Lessons I’ve Been Taught By ‘Life’

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD “There is almost always a price to be paid for declaring oneself a “lone wolf.” The risk of so doing far outweighs any benefit one could derive. Keep close to the family, keep close to the church; keep close to the Lord! We were never meant to travel the road of life […]

Living In Fear Is Not The Way Of The Lord

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD As a young boy I don’t recall many things I read outside the classroom. But one book I read as a little boy made an impression on me. A number of years ago, my mind was jogged with its lessons when I came upon it in a local bookstore. The name of […]

With Gracious Honor! (The Blessings of a Father-In-Law)

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD He has since passed away. I first spoke to him on the phone. It was a tense moment, asking him for his daughter’s hand! It was 1978 and he had never met me or even knew that I was in love with his daughter. I remember the feeling of the conversation all […]

When High Noon Comes!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD The great western movie classic, “High Noon”, tells the story of a town Marshall who is forced to face a gang of killers all by himself. As the Marshall scours the town for help, no one has the courage to come forward to help him, leaving him alone and outnumbered to face the evil […]

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