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My ‘Take’ On Les Miserables

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago during the holiday season I was “taken” by my wife to the local theater to watch Les Miserables on the big screen. I must admit that I went solely out of duty and because I wanted to score “brownie” points with her. And although I admit that I did fall […]

Yet, He Came!

TheDiscipleMD A photographer captured the moment and forever froze it in my mind. The image stands as a testament as to how ‘action’ speaks so much louder than words. It was 1974 and I was participating in the state wrestling finals which was held many miles from my hometown. I had just been badly beaten by […]

‘Banure’ Happens To Good People!

TheDiscipleMD I remember traveling with my family cross-country to visit my Grandpa’s  farm in Idaho  as a young child.  One memory I related about one trip was captured in an audio tape made by my parents. On the tape I related that I had stepped in some “banure.” In fact, as a kid, I recall that it […]

Are We A ‘Blue Blue’ Christian

TheDiscipleMD I had been the insurance agent for the family for over a decade. This fine couple had stopped into my office almost monthly for years to pay their premiums. Our conversations were always cordial and over the course of time they let me know, sometimes rather evangelically, that they were Christians of the first […]

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