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‘Get Busy Living’ After The Manner of Jesus Christ

TheDiscipleMD It was 1978 and I had just gotten married. I was going to school at a university, working a part-time job, and living in a mortuary free of rent. The free rent came with the responsibility of helping to clean and watch over the morgue a couple of nights a week. My wife and […]

Whispered Lessons From The Ear Of Malchus

TheDiscipleMD The mob had gathered and was now in route to find the man they considered a dissident, rebel, radical and heretic. Among them was a man by the name of Malchus. He was no more than a servant, and no one knows for sure if he was acting because he was passionate about the […]

Death Of Legend (A Tribute To Teddy Bears)

TheDiscipleMD Several years into my marriage, my wife ‘accidently’ threw away the ‘Teddy Bear’ I had since I was a child of three. In honor of all teddy bears I wrote this eulogy. “Teddy” the bear has been a good friend of mine for many years. No one knows where or when Teddy was born, […]

Confessions Of A Bedside Slumberer

TheDiscipleMD Anyone who has served a full time mission undoubtedly found themselves exhausted at the end of a hard day of walking the streets preaching and teaching. At bedtime I would kneel with my fellow missionary in prayer and then we would both retire, kneel beside our own beds and say our individual prayers. Not […]

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