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When ‘The Chief’ Is The Head Servant

TheDiscipleMD Who is the least in the church? Presidents and Kings are not bothered with minor mundane things of the day. They symbolically,or often literally, sit on their earthly thrones of glory as their servants, or entourage, stand at their beck and call and take care of the supposed “trivial” things of life. They are […]

A Mephistophelean Bargain (To Envy Them You Have To Be Nuts!)

TheDiscipleMD I expected a different conclusion to a column written by long-time Hollywood insider Dick Cavett. Unless your my age or older you probably don’t know Mr. Cavett.  He is best known as the fore-runner to today’s afternoon talk show hosts.  As a boy I remember watching his afternoon talk show from time to time. […]

Accepting ‘The Call’

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I was invited to visit with my Bishop. He asked if I would accept a calling that was very challenging. A week earlier I had received a call from the executive secretary asking for the appointment. When I hung up the phone, I knew instantly what the Bishop was going to request.  From that […]

‘If I Am Right With The Lord, I Can Handle The Rest!’

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago a member of the church urgently wanted to meet for a worthiness interview. She had recently been accused of deeds that jeopardized her career,  reputation, and possible standing in the church. I don’t recall the entire conversation but I do recall the first thing that she said to me upon arriving at my office. She said, “I […]

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