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A Mephistophelean Bargain (To Envy Them You Have To Be Nuts!)

TheDiscipleMD I expected a different conclusion to a column written by long-time Hollywood insider Dick Cavett. Unless your my age or older you probably don’t know Mr. Cavett.  He is best known as the fore-runner to today’s afternoon talk show hosts.  As a boy I remember watching his afternoon talk show from time to time. […]

Accepting ‘The Call’

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I was invited to visit with my Bishop. He asked if I would accept a calling that was very challenging. A week earlier I had received a call from the executive secretary asking for the appointment. When I hung up the phone, I knew instantly what the Bishop was going to request.  From that […]

‘If I Am Right With The Lord, I Can Handle The Rest!’

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago a member of the church urgently wanted to meet for a worthiness interview. She had recently been accused of deeds that jeopardized her career,  reputation, and possible standing in the church. I don’t recall the entire conversation but I do recall the first thing that she said to me upon arriving at my office. She said, “I […]

“A Horse Is A Horse, Unless Of Course…”

TheDiscipleMD You have probably never heard of Bamboo Harvester (1949-1970). At the young age of 21, Bamboo died of an “inadvertent tranquilizer administered while he was “in retirement” in…Burbank, California where he lived…” (Wikipedia). But if I told you that Bamboo Harvester was better known by his screen name of “Mr. Ed”, you would probably […]

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