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(De)Tour de Lance

TheDiscipleMD (I wrote this several years ago and Lance Armstrong has since admitted he ‘cheated’ to win.) I don’t know if he is innocent of the charges or not, nor am I passing judgment at this point, but our country’s most renowned cyclist is joining a laundry list of “Who’s Who” of athletes, politicians, and […]

Is Marriage A Dying Institution?

TheDiscipleMD A couple of years ago a famous actress was asked if she thought marriage was a dying institution. She responded, “I do. I think we have to make our own rules. I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off of old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer.” In […]

A People Named ‘Sue’

TheDiscipleMD In 1969, a song sung by country artist Johnny Cash became number one on the country charts. “A Boy Named Sue” tells the preposterous yet moving tale of a young man’s quest for revenge on an absent father whose only contribution to his entire life was naming him Sue, commonly a feminine name. The […]

Park And Read!

TheDiscipleMD I don’t recall how many times I traveled around to different chapels and, finding that I had a few minutes between assignments, pulled over in a “park and ride” to stop and read in the scriptures. It was always refreshing to stop, and “find solace” in the shelter of my car by reading the […]

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