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My ‘Mormon Ears’

TheDiscipleMD I recall standing up and bearing my testimony only once at church when I was a teenager. I don’t recall much of what I said that day, but apparently someone did. Something that I said in that meeting stayed with someone I would have never guessed. In relating how I dealt with the prevalent […]

The ‘Beast’ Has Invaded Our Homes!

TheDiscipleMD While serving as a church leader I quickly learned there were parts of the big city that were more dangerous than others. I was instructed and cautioned by my leaders that there were certain neighborhoods that were not very safe. That didn’t mean I wasn’t to ever go there but it was a warning that […]

Spectator Discipleship

TheDiscipleMD I was impressed by these words; “A friend of mine recently wrote to me, confiding that he was having a difficult time keeping his testimony strong and vibrant. He asked for counsel.I wrote back to him and lovingly suggested a few specific things he could do that would align his life more closely with […]

The Fallacy Of Rank

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I attended an Area Training Meeting presided over by Boyd K. Packer. In the notes recorded at that meeting are these regarding some thoughts from Elder Packer. I quote from them: “Some members of the church-and this is best illustrated in blessing the sick- believe that the higher the authority, the […]

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