In Celebration Of Marriage


Before I was married I wondered how someone could love the same person for their whole life and beyond. As I have aged in wisdom I have come to discover that as time passes, this love becomes not only stronger but easier. The uniqueness and beauty of your spouse unfolds before your eyes as each day goes by. Things that you once viewed as a minor irritation became a characteristic to celebrate.

I don’t think you can understand the depth and beauty of your spouse without first seeing them presented before you in all its stages. Like a performance that plays out on the theater of life, as you age you don’t just see the first act. Your respect and admiration for them grows as the second, and third acts open and close.

The eternal nature of love is apparent to me each time I see a silent look exchanged between a husband and his wife. The exchange could be in a crowed room, at a public event or in an intimate moment at a home. It is that moment where, for them, time stops, and they are the only two in the room; and the only ones who understand the silent communication of love that is transpiring between them.

“Love,” wrote poet Emily Dickinson, “is life, and life hath immortality.”

History stands as a testiment of the power and endurance of love shared between a man and a women while in the bonds of holy matrimony. It’s grace and beauty is manifest in all walks of life. You cannot go a day without seeing the postivie affects of marriage upon our society and upon the individual. Each of us is a blessed recipent of the divine covenant of marriage given to man from God above, weather we want to acknowledge it or not.

 I have spent close to 43 years of holy matrimony with my wife. I am grateful to my ancestors who handed down from generation to generation the ideals and beauty associated with marriage and showed me, by example, why it is divine, and how it would bless my life. Therefore, I am in celebration of my wise ancestors who passed on to me an appreciation of the God-given union of marriage between a man and a woman and I give thanks to them for all the blessings that have come into my life by entering into such a covenant.

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