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To Ignore So, Is To Put Our Mortal Lives At Risk

TheDiscipleMD Ten years ago on the front page of the USA Today was an article on Chief Justice John Roberts, who had just had a seizure. The article goes on to say that Justice Roberts had a similar incident in 1993. The doctors called it a “idiopathic seizure” , which means that it has no […]

Thank You Reverend Graham!

TheDiscipleMD I have long been an admirer of Billy Graham and his son Franklin. I know they do not see eye to eye with me regarding all doctrinal issues about Jesus Christ, however, they and their crusades have done wonderfully good things in spreading the word of Christ over the past decades. You can’t help […]

Snoring AndThe Conundrum of Guilty!…But Innocent!

TheDiscipleMD Many years ago I was attending a business conference that lasted for two weeks. It so happened that a complete stranger was assigned as my roommate. He seemed like a pleasant fellow but the arrangement lasted only one night. It lasted only one night because he snored so loud that the room shook. The […]

Where There Are No Earthly Limitations

TheDiscipleMD A final note I wrote regarding the sudden death of my brother-in-law a number of years ago: “It is tragic and sad but made bearable by the knowledge and testimony of the restored gospel. My sister has a strong testimony of the plan of salvation and has been greatly comforted by that knowledge. There […]

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