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In My Defense (I Love Being With Her!)

TheDiscipleMD I have spent my entire lifetime in association with men and women of the church. Through the many years I have served with them I have rarely had negative interaction with them.   However, many years ago while serving as a young and inexperienced church leader I had a singular negative encounter with another local leader who I had never […]

A Congressman’s Opinion Of Joseph Smith

TheDiscipleMD “In the Winter of 1840, the Prophet Joseph Smith went to Washington, D.C., to petition the president of the United States and Congress to redress the grievances of the Saints against the people of Missouri. While at the nation’s capital he had several opportunities of speaking in public. On the evening of February 5, […]

A Knowledge Of Truth Is Of Little Value Unless…

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago, I had some blood tests run. My doctor called me to tell me that everything was fine, except my cholesterol was a little high. He said we would need to keep an eye on it. I kept an “eye” on it but did nothing more. Six months later I returned […]

Around The Corner Of Our Lives

TheDiscipleMD AROUND THE CORNER OF OUR LIVES Around the corner of our lives I know there can be much to fear But as I sat in the pew singing the hymn that brought me close to tears I realized that the Savior of the world was ever so near That if I would be faithful to his commandments and […]

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