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A Congressman’s Opinion Of Joseph Smith

TheDiscipleMD “In the Winter of 1840, the Prophet Joseph Smith went to Washington, D.C., to petition the president of the United States and Congress to redress the grievances of the Saints against the people of Missouri. While at the nation’s capital he had several opportunities of speaking in public. On the evening of February 5, […]

Super Bowl Or Church?

TheDiscipleMD I sat excitedly as a fourteen-year-old boy watching Super Bowl V on January 17th, 1971. It has been over forty-five years since I sat downstairs at my house cheering on the Dallas Cowboys as they took on the Baltimore Colts. It was a late Sunday afternoon as the game plugged along into the fourth […]

A Marriage ‘Dusted’ By The Hand Of God

TheDiscipleMD Forty one years ago today, I walked hand in hand out the temple doors with my new bride. I couldn’t believe I was a married man! Somehow, in my mind, some kind of magical dust was going to be sprinkled on me as a ‘married’ man, and I would become mature, wise, and the […]

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