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Are We Robbing Ourselves Of The Moment?

TheDiscipleMD “Most of us at times feel overpowered and depressed by the tasks that lie before us, by the undone things that we have yet to do. A young man, for example, may look ahead at what he feels he must accomplish before he can feel somewhat settled: the years of school that are required; […]

When “Siri” Replaced Our Parents!

TheDiscipleMD A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away newly adult children on their own, used to go to their parents with questions regarding, not only the meaning of life, but for advice on how to do…well…almost anything. Mostly the heads of the newly formed home called about most everything, because, well, if […]

The Family: A Divine And Eternal Unit

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago I was informed that a long time client had suddenly died of a heart attack. He was age sixty-five. I had personally spoken with, or seen him, every month for many years. He too was a father of several children and at the time I have recently joined him […]

If It Be Of God, Ye Cannot Overthrow It!

TheDiscipleMd As recorded in the fifth Acts of the apostles, after the death of Jesus Christ and His resurrection, the apostles Peter and John went about preaching, testifying and healing the sick in the name of Jesus.  Their influence and power was so electric that the multitudes brought forth the sick in hopes “that at […]

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