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The Hardest Calling In My Church

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMd One of my church’s hardest and most thankless callings is the call to “support and sustain” a spouse in his/her church responsibilities. When I have received a calling I have also received the blessings and joy that come with that service. Associations are had, friendships are made and, on occasion, compliments come […]

I Fall In Love All Over Again!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD When I married my wife she knew of my passion for sports, in particular, Baseball. Not only had I been playing it since I could walk but I passionately followed it and was an avid fan of the New York Yankees.  She however, had no knowledge of the game or for that matter, any interest […]

To The Legions of ‘Forgotten Heroes’

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD In the summer of 1980 we were living in Maryland. That summer my parents were able to get a beach house located on the Chesapeake Bay for a few days. My wife and I, with our young son of just over a year, were excited to go and spend a few days […]

Feeling the Pain Of Hannah!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD If you know the story of Samuel, you know that his mother’s name was Hannah. Found in the first chapter of Samuel is the heart-wrenching story of how Hannah was barren, unable to have children. In her desire to be a mother, she prayed mightily to the Lord to give her a […]

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