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Should We Be Judged On The One Bad Inning Of Our Life?

TheDiscipleMD I was having lunch a few months ago with an old teammate of mine from high school days. He continues to be a good friend. We played on the same baseball team for many years. During the summer of my junior year he and I led our team to a championship. He was one […]

Great Expectations!

TheDiscipleMD It was a big disappointment! I don’t know what I was expecting but I was… underwhelmed, if that is a word! It was game four of the 1999 World Series. The Yankees won the game 4 to 1 and along with it their 25th world title. It was the last professional baseball game of […]

The ‘Mature’ Christian

TheDiscipleMD It is a common refrain from the mouth of all good mothers, “Eat your vegetables!” And like most children I never liked eating them,  and seldom did so, even with the encouragement of a loving mother. I don’t know why my taste has changed since then, but now the thought of good cooked vegetables […]

Unfaithfulness Leads To A Pot Of Fool’s Gold!

TheDiscipleMD More than twenty-five years ago a friend of mine stopped by my office to ask some advice. He was newly married and a father of an infant daughter. He had been presented with a job opportunity overseas which he thought would further his career.  He really wanted to go. There was only one catch, his wife […]

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