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All The Elements Obey God…Except Man!

TheDiscipleMD AGENCY! What a wonderful gift from a loving Father in Heaven. Recently I was reading in the scriptures and came across an account which reminded me again of the great gift of agency. This gift has been given only to man, the offspring of God, not to His other creations. Or another way of […]

Wallowing In The Mire

TheDiscipleMD Repentance is a wonderful thing; but only if it is heartfelt. It is very easy to recognize that we have done something wrong. It is an entirely different thing to feel true feelings of “regret” and “remorse” for so doing.  There are daily examples of famous people who are caught in their sinful acts and acknowledge them. But that […]

Spiritually Blind To The Obvious

Sometimes we are so close to something that we are blind!  It seems time and distance give us a better look at our actions. I think that all of us can look back at mistakes we have made and realize that at the time, we were blind to the obvious.  I have found that spiritual blindness […]

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