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Great Expectations!

TheDiscipleMD It was a big disappointment! I don’t know what I was expecting but I was… underwhelmed, if that is a word! It was game four of the 1999 World Series. The Yankees won the game 4 to 1 and along with it their 25th world title. It was the last professional baseball game of […]

The ‘Mature’ Christian

TheDiscipleMD It is a common refrain from the mouth of all good mothers, “Eat your vegetables!” And like most children I never liked eating them,  and seldom did so, even with the encouragement of a loving mother. I don’t know why my taste has changed since then, but now the thought of good cooked vegetables […]

Unfaithfulness Leads To A Pot Of Fool’s Gold!

TheDiscipleMD More than twenty-five years ago a friend of mine stopped by my office to ask some advice. He was newly married and a father of an infant daughter. He had been presented with a job opportunity overseas which he thought would further his career.  He really wanted to go. There was only one catch, his wife […]

Storms By Any Name

TheDiscipleMD I lived in Maryland for most of my life. During that time there has been a number of devastating storms that have passed through the state. “You can call it Agnes, or you can call it Eloise, or you can call it David, or you can call it Gloria, or you can call it […]

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