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The Greatest Evidence That He Told The Truth!

TheDiscipleMD “God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in this Grove”, is the simple sign that is posted outside the “Scared Grove.” I have visited the grove several times in my life.  I have always been impressed with the first hand account written by Joseph Smith regarding the “First Vision” […]

Rocky Mountain High! (Thank God for Section 89!)

TheDiscipleMD A couple of years ago my wife and I drove to Denver from Provo, Utah. It took me over the Rocky Mountains. At times I needed to put my Jeep in overdrive. Once I felt like my Jeep was going to explode when I left it in overdrive for an extended period of time. […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why?

TheDiscipleMd Over thirty years ago I was attending an insurance training seminar that lasted a week. At the end of the week we, the participants, were put in small groups and told to film a short skit on insurance principles we had been taught that week. My group came up with a “60 Minutes” format. […]

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