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What Happens If The Dawn Breaks, But There Is No Morning Light!

TheDiscipleMD “What happens if the dawn breaks, but there is no morning light?” I was once asked. I fear my response was inadequate and lacking for the person who needed my help that day. And despite my best efforts to answer that question, the profound  and simple nature of that statement still lingers in my […]

“Aging Isn’t For Wusses!”

As a youth, or even as a man, being called a “Wuss” meant you were a “weak or ineffectual person.” Nobody that I knew wanted to be seen that way. So being called a “wuss” was pretty much a ‘below the belt’ comment that stung badly. Last week my wife, a home health care nurse, […]

Are There Any Good Men Left? Answer: Tons!

TheDiscipleMD Are there any good men left? If you watch Television, go to movies, follow the news, or surf the internet you would think the answer to this question is a resounding “NO!” But you would be wrong! All of the mediums for communication are flooded with stories and images of scoundrels, cheaters, and heartless […]

The Danger In Being ‘A Lone Wolf’

nTheDiscipleMD I’m sure you have heard the term “Lone Wolf” before. Technically, it is a wolf that lives alone rather than with other wolves as a pack. But when applied to a human, it is a term used to describe someone who spends enough time with a group to be considered a member, but not […]

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