Are There Any Good Men Left? Answer: Tons!


Are there any good men left? If you watch Television, go to movies, follow the news, or surf the internet you would think the answer to this question is a resounding “NO!” But you would be wrong! All of the mediums for communication are flooded with stories and images of scoundrels, cheaters, and heartless men. I long for stories about the good men in our lives. But they are not worthy of note. Why? Well, they don’t make for an interesting character with all their goodness. Goodness doesn’t sell very well. I mean, do people buy books, watch TV, or go to movies that show a great father, husband, and man going about the daily routine of going to work, coming home to his family and heaven forbid some husband actually loves his wife with all his heart and soul. How boring!!!!But the evil acts of men sure seem to draw our attention and our money of support. I have to tell you, I’m sick of the images that we are feeding our children about men. Certainly there are plenty of ‘bad’ men. But can’t we celebrate in our media men of honor who are faithful to their wonderful wives and children. I mean every man is not a slave to his passions.

It may shock some to learn but I have associated with hundreds of men whose only desire is to make sure that their wife and children’s needs, and wants, are met. But no one makes movies about them or thinks of making a TV series devoted to the goodness of a man. I’m all for celebrating women. I have now been married for close to forty-three years to one, and I confess, believe it or not, that I have never been tempted to cheat on her or do some ungodly act to my children. I’m not special, I’m a normal guy and I have tons of guy friends who are just like me.

If you have a man in your life that is full of goodness, don’t let the world taint your view of him. Wrap your arms around him and give him a hug and tell him you love him and how wonderful he is to you. And when you do that you will see a surprise on his face, because the world is continually pointing out to him his flaws and telling him he is less then. But you know better! So let him know.

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