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Learning to Adjust to The Constantly Changing Weather Of Our Lives!

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago on a winter drive across the country my wife and I had planned on stopping one night around ten o’clock in the evening. However, around six the weather started to turn bad and despite my ambition to continue driving, I made the decision to pull over in a small town in Iowa, population […]

The Twain Mile

TheDiscipleMD It was a typical hot Maryland summer  evening when I pulled into the church parking lot around 6 o’clock.  To my surprise there were about a dozen men camped out on the church lawn. They were a pitiful sight! Ragged, sweaty, and looking bewildered! As I got out of my car, I was approached by […]

Do Children Who Have Lost Their Faith Benefit From Parents Who Haven’t?

TheDiscipleMD I think that there are a lot of children who lose their faith in their religious heritage and believe that their parents should be understanding. Often, they want them to not just be understanding but supportive. After all, that’s what agency is all about. But I wonder how those same children would accept the […]

Best Known For…

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago a Hollywood actor tragically died  due to a drug overdose.  He was best known for… He was best known for…(fill in the blank), is a common byline for newspapers when they report on someone’s death.  That is, if they are ‘best known’ for something or anything.  When I read such […]

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