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My 500th Witness

TheDiscipleMD (Now Read in Over 112 Countries) Today marks the FIVE HUNDREDTH post from ‘TheDiscipleMD.’  It seems appropriate that it should fall the day after we have celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because the number 500 has some meaning regarding this most sacred and holy event.  Did Jesus rise from the dead, […]

Through Christ’s Atonement It Is Possible To ‘Turn Back The Hands Of Time’

TheDiscipleMD They say “You can never go back!” While that is generally regarded as a true statement last fall on a Saturday night I experienced something different.  I went to bed at about 1:15am. I went soundly to sleep but woke up with a start and looked at my cell phone for the time. It was […]

Jeopardizing The Confidence Of Our Wives!

TheDiscipleMD Several years ago in a priesthood meeting we were reminded of the solemn duty and responsibility men have been given to lead out in spiritual things. We need to be reminded often of this duty, as the doctrine of the world can be enticing and alluring. Our discussion was echoing the final words written so many years […]

Kisses From My Loving Blue Eyes

TheDiscipleMD Through the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the ability for a man and a wife to share their love for eternity is made possible.  As I travel the road of life with my wife I am reminded of the sacred nature of marriage and the wonderful doctrine that it can be eternal. As […]

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