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“I Don’t Think You Know How Much I Love You!”

TheDiscipleMD A number of years ago my family had a special evening to celebrate the life of my older brother who was dying of a terminal disease.  He seemed to enjoy the evening although it was evident to me that he was in pain.  For me, it was a wonderful evening that testified of the […]

When The Winds Are Howling The Risks Are High!

TheDiscipleMD The story is told of a man who had a friend named Bert. The man noticed that Bert suddenly began to park his car five miles away from his home at a local parking garage. Bert would then take a cab to and from the garage everyday causing a financial hardship on him and […]

“That Was My Mistake…I Stopped Praying!”

TheDiscipleMD While serving in a war-torn country in 1976, and during some extremely dark days as a missionary, I was stationed in a tiny town on the Pampas of Argentina. With limited funds due to the military Junta that had overthrown the government, and a strained relationship hemorrhaging with my assigned companion, I found myself […]

When The Scales Fall From Our Eyes!

TheDisicpleMD Have you ever thought about someone else, “Why is this person so unlikable, or how could anyone love someone like him? Or what is their problem?” When we are called to serve individuals such as these, the scales fall from our eyes and something magical happens; we learn to genuinely love them. A wife […]

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