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Who Is Righteous?

TheDiscipleMD Recently I read a quote from Hugh Nibley who once said: “Who is righteous? Anyone who is repenting. No matter how bad he has been if he is repenting, he is a righteous man.  There is hope for him.” When I read the above quote, I sat back in my airplane seat and pondered […]

The Light Of Christ Chases Out The Darkness

TheDiscipleMD We have all had a sleepless night at one time or another in our lives. When you have one of those nights, they feel endless. It is a night that I like to call a “worthless evening”, because it gives you no rest from your labors. Once it seemed as if I awoke on […]

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Thing!

TheDiscipleMD For many of us, admitting a mistake is hard, but learning to say “I’m Sorry” is even harder. While this may not seem to be a very serious flaw, in reality it’s root is found in pride. In fact it can contribute to our inability to repent of sins. After all, both repentance and […]

Why Are We Baptized?

TheDiscipleMD The need for baptism is clearly taught throughout the scripture’s as a prerequisite to enter the kingdom of God. In my opinion no serious student of the Christian religion can dispute that! But why must we be baptized? The simple answer is that God requires it and it makes sense to have “order.” But […]

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