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The Warts Of The Soul!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD I don’t know what is in the formula, nor can I explain it, but I do know that it works. As a young teenage boy, like most teenagers, I was very self-conscious about my looks. Anything out of the ordinary was not a desirable trait to possess. So, when a small wart […]

The Touch Of The ‘Body Shop’s’ Hand

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD When last I saw it, twas battered and scared, not running and scarcely worth saving. But when I got my car back  it looked better than before I had the accident. The hood and fender are new. The broken and time scared grill has been replaced. The new emblem stands proudly perched on top […]

Allowing ‘The Master Physician’ To Perform Surgery

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD The pain was excruciating! Perhaps the most pain I have had to endure in my life. It was 1985 and while rounding the bases in a softball game I tore the ligaments in my right ankle. By the end of the evening my ankle had swollen to about five times its normal […]

If There Be No Sin, There Is No Need Of A Savior

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Many years ago I read a series entitled, “Focus on Faith”, that was published each Monday on the Forum page of the USA Today.  In it, a guest commentary writer named Jonathan Merritt,  wrote an article called, “An Evangelical Plea: “Love the Sinner.” The next day a reader wrote: “It is not […]

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