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When Our Garden Turns Into Gethsemane

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD I learned a valuable lesson from a man who told me that a number of years ago a married brother of his had been on the verge of making a major mistake that would have a lasting negative impact on his family, as well as the extended family. With much consternation he […]

We Demand Justice! (But Do We Really Want What’s Coming To Us?)

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD What a great blessing it is to have a father who has words of wisdom to impart, and that seem to flow effortlessly through him. I have such a father. It seemed that each time we talked,  I would do most of the talking, but he did all of the teaching. I […]

Leaving The Porchlight On For Our Prodigal Children

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Several years ago there was a special program put on by the children at our church. As I surveyed the congregation I was delighted to see at least seven young adults in attendance who prior to the day had not chosen the path of their church going parents. Perhaps they were there for just […]

Should We Be Judged On The One Bad Inning Of Our Life?

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD I was having lunch a few months ago with an old teammate of mine from high school days. He continues to be a good friend. We played on the same baseball team for many years. During the summer of my junior year he and I led our team to a championship. He […]

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