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The Shattered Music Box

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD A number of years ago I was preparing to teach an early morning religious class for our youth. It was centered on the gift of “spikenard” that Mary used to anoint the head and feet of the Savior just prior to his death. The lesson asked the instructor to bring to class […]

Living With Imperfection Or ‘You Missed A Spot!’

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Many years ago I had the assignment to clean the meetinghouse with a few other church members. I ended up vacuuming most of the building. At one point, I worked beside a sister in my congregation. She was cleaning the door windows of the foyer. On our meetinghouse, there are double glass […]

The Great Lessons of Pinnochio

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD “Pinocchio is a fictional character that first appeared in 1883, in The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, and has since appeared in many adaptations of that story and others. Carved from a piece of pine by a wood-carver named Geppetto in a small Italian village, he was created as a wooden puppet, […]

Twelve Talks That Will Change Your Life!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD In 2007 when I started writing daily messages to my children I ended the year with my 12 favorite talks  delivered by General Authorities in conference from 1997-2007.  I list those twelve here,  plus my comments from back then. The number twelve talk is the only talk in that was not given by […]

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