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Do We Look Beyond The Mark?

TheDiscipleMD This past weekend found me at the local Verizon phone store resolving problems with my new phone.  I spent several hours in the store.  I spent most of the time standing off to the side and learning up against a wall while a clerk determined and then fixed the problem. I had close to two […]

Eternal Bread For All

TheDiscipleMD The other day I was out at a local park with my wife and granddaughter, which also had a pond. We ate lunch and then took the leftovers and started to feed the ducks. Up to that point they had not shown much interest in us but as soon as the food started to […]

All Things Testify Of God!

TheDiscipleMD I recall once hearing a brother of mine, in his teenage years, say to my mother, “You relate everything to the gospel!”  It was said as more of an “indictment” rather than a compliment. I recall that conversation between them because as I grew older, I could see that, indeed, it was true. If […]

He Was Buried In The Most Expensive Casket The Morgue Offered

TheDiscipleMD There once was a wise man who taught those that were with him that a man’s true worth was not measured in ‘net!’ He mentioned to them about a rich friend of his who had much success in the business world. He had become a millionaire. This friend told him that he thought within […]

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