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When You Are ‘The Bishop’

TheDiscipleMD It had been a long day! I had been set apart as Bishop earlier that afternoon. I had been in meetings all day with numerous leaders and members. It was now 10:00 PM. Meetings that began at 6:30 am were now over and I had just walked into the door and sat down. What […]

Eternal Bread For All

TheDiscipleMD The other day I was out at a local park with my wife and granddaughter, which also had a pond. We ate lunch and then took the leftovers and started to feed the ducks. Up to that point they had not shown much interest in us but as soon as the food started to […]

When Your Turkey Snores!

TheDiscipleMD My Turkey was too big for the roaster so I left it open and put foil on it instead of the lid of the roaster. As time progressed you could hear the snap, crackle, and pop of the Turkey as it was cooking. After about an hour of hearing the sounds being generated by […]

I’m Grateful For “Miracles In The Mist”

TheDiscipleMD Do you believe in miracles? I guess that question has been asked to all of us in various ways, and probably on many occasions throughout our lifetime. The answer usually depends on your point of view and understanding of what constitutes such a thing. While a dictionary may give the meaning of a miracle […]

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