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Swiftly ‘Shake It Off’

TheDiscipleMD I think it was my older brother who I first recall telling me to ‘shake it off.’ Usually he told me this after holding me down and pounding on my arm till it hurt so bad I would start to cry.  I think I was six years old at the time and he was […]

Our Lives From Black & White… To Color… To HD!

TheDiscipleMD I stepped into the family room of my next door neighbor and waited for him to get ready. As I stood there in the room I glanced towards the TV set to see that a college football game was in progress. But, my eyes became transfixed on the set, as the game seemed to […]

The Disciple MD: Now Read In Over 110 Countries!

TheDiscipleMD I started writing in April of 2007. That year my wife and I had traveled from Maryland to Utah to spend time with three of our five grown children. I had procured tickets to General Conference that year and it was there at the Conference Center that I felt impressed to embark on a […]

Crossing The Delawares Of Our Lives

TheDiscipleMD A few years ago my brother, father and I, visited the reported spot of ground where George Washington and his army crossed the Delaware River at the outset of the Revolutionary War. This historical event is made famous by a painting that portrays General Washington standing majestically at the bow, as his small boat […]

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