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God Bless ‘The Strong One’ In Families!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD There are roles that are being played out behind closed doors in many households that go largely unnoticed by the outside world. One of those is the challenging role of being “The strong one” when it comes to the emotional, spiritual, and temporal nature of a family. In my experience, this role […]

What Happens If The Dawn Breaks, But There Is No Morning Light!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD “What happens if the dawn breaks, but there is no morning light?” I was once asked. I fear my response was inadequate and lacking for the person who needed my help that day. And despite my best efforts to answer that question, the profound  and simple nature of that statement still lingers […]

You Bless And Inspire Us!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Most disabilities are not visible. In this life, some of us are presented with physical challenges that require courage. Others are presented with moral challenges that require courage. Some of us are presented with both in this life.  Over forty years ago I presented my firstborn son before the Lord and his church to […]

My Father’s Mansion

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD In honor of what would have been my Father’s 96th birthday, I repost this- Miss you Dad! “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal”- (Albert Pine) Each of us will brush up against others during our sojourn here on […]

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