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When You’re Sixty!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD A RE-POST FROM A FEW YEARS AGO (OBVIOUSLY) Today, May 12th,  is the day “I lived a good life.” Today I turn sixty years old. The big one! If I had passed on yesterday I would have still been fifty-nine and my passing would have been tragic. After all, when you die […]

Is Life Like “Leaves In The Wind?”

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD Years ago, we lived in a house in the woods. The trees gave wonderful shade in the summer, which we enjoyed. But the fall was a different thing. Leaves would fall continuously for what seemed like months and needed to be raked often. I learned that, on windy days, you don’t rake […]

God Bless ‘The Strong One’ In Families!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD There are roles that are being played out behind closed doors in many households that go largely unnoticed by the outside world. One of those is the challenging role of being “The strong one” when it comes to the emotional, spiritual, and temporal nature of a family. In my experience, this role […]

What Happens If The Dawn Breaks, But There Is No Morning Light!

Print or EmailTheDiscipleMD “What happens if the dawn breaks, but there is no morning light?” I was once asked. I fear my response was inadequate and lacking for the person who needed my help that day. And despite my best efforts to answer that question, the profound  and simple nature of that statement still lingers […]

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